ILSEP was founded by attorney Greg Wiley.  Wiley has ten years of experience training and advising law enforcement and correctional officers on best practices in use of force, procedural matters, internal affairs investigations, constitutional law, and other areas.  He was awarded the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Author’s Award for best article: Excessive Force: Disentangling Constitutional Standards, Bench & Bar of Minnesota, July 2011, at 27.  He is a highly-sought after presenter, and he has served on numerous other community-service related boards and fundraising organizations over his 20-year legal career.


“Wiley is the best trainer we’ve had in this area.”

                                                      -Local Chief of Police


Wiley believes that the need for specialized and affordable law enforcement training and reform is a currently a paramount societal concern.  While there are many other worthy charitable organizations, no other independent nonprofit/501(c)(3) organization is designed to actively address the issue of our communities’ lack of trust and confidence in policing.  ILSEP is developing a roster of the best law enforcement content and trainers in the country to carry out its mission of affordable, effective, and engaging law enforcement training.


ILSEP’s mission of mutual trust between law enforcement and our communities can be best achieved if the Board reflects the community and law enforcement as well.  ILSEP’s Board is composed of stakeholders from all professional and demographic groups affected by ILSEP’s mission, including: law enforcement, community advocacy groups, attorneys, unions, youth, and vulnerable populations.


ILSEP is not a static organization; it is proactive in seeking solutions to pressing problems.  Support or become part of ILSEP and help change our communities for the better.