On July 1, 2018, the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (POST) mandated that licensed law enforcement officers in Minnesota are required to complete POST-accredited continuing education credits to address implicit bias. That is where The Institute for Lawful, Safe and Effective Policing (ILSEP) comes in. ILSEP has designed a set of customized, unique learning modules to meet this need.

ILSEP has developed an immersive, experiential implicit bias training. It brings personal experience to the forefront, unpacks the dilemma of implicit bias and affords law enforcement the opportunity to experience the impact of bias through virtual reality scenarios and other cutting-edge technology.


Law enforcement desires the best policing outcomes.  The current crisis is not  because law enforcement does not aspire to best practices.  Instead, it is practical; law enforcement agencies simply do not have the personnel or resources to conduct effective training.  In 2008, there were nearly 18,000 full-time state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States, with over 1.1 million employees.  Well over 15,000 of those agencies had less than 100 total employees.

The law enforcement agencies operate on limited budgets with limited personnel.  Oftentimes, in-house training personnel are burdened with the day-to-day operations of their respective positions, and they do not have the capacity to learn the best policing practices, much less how to effectively train employees on those practices.  And while there have been many studies and organizations that have helped to identify the problem, few have been formed to address it.  ILSEP will.

That is where ILSEP’s experienced, expert and engaging trainers enter.  Normally, engaging expert trainers in such a variety of policing practices is simply cost prohibitive—law enforcement agencies can’t afford hiring the best trainers, so they make do with internal training or an independent local trainer.

ILSEP's charitable status will subsidize law enforcement agencies' limited personnel and monetary resources by providing expert, effective, and engaging programming at a lower costs by leveraging charitable donations, grants, fundraising events, sponsorships and pro bono and reduced cost legal services.

As a result, ILSEP is able to provide affordable world-class, world-changing, training to all law enforcement agencies.  Now, through the non-profit ILSEP, best practices police training is within every law enforcement agency’s reach.